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Blog Guide: Best Free WordPress Themes for Beauty Bloggers

WordPress offers tons of free and paid themes for users to choose for their blogs.  Each theme has a variety of different features, widgets, and customizable options, specifically designed for the needs of certain bloggers.  Scroll through to check out some of the best free themes for beauty bloggers and how to use them to your advantage!

Out of the Box. Splendio.


Splendio is an eye catching theme that does not immediately scream ‘beauty blogger,’ but hear me out.  This theme is extremely customizable and puts all the important information right where your readers can find it.  Your title, menu bar, social media links, and search bar are bold and easy to find at the top of you page.  The header image is customizable and can even be set to change for each post and page using the feature image.  You can also set a slider bar with ‘featured posts’ that will rotate through a few posts of your choosing above your latest post.  This is a great way to immediately alert readers of some of your best past work.

Splendio has a ton of potential to help beauty bloggers showcase their work and attract readers, but it will take quite a bit of work.  You need to be willing to choose feature images for each posts if you decide to use that feature.  Also, unless you have the Custom Design upgrade, you may be stuck with a very limited color scheme selection.

Demo of Splendio.

Color Explosion. Shine On.



Shine on is a colorful and original theme truly meant to make your content shine.  This theme contains original illustrations and a bright and sunny color scheme, perfect for brightening your readers’ days.  This theme has a unique feature which changes the background color based on which post format you are using.  This makes each post stand out as they contrast against each other.  Check out the demo to see what I’m talking about.

While this theme does great things for your content, it does not allow you to feature much else.  This is a single column theme so there is no sidebar for contact information, social media links, or advertising.  There is room for widgets in the footer but readers will have to scroll all the way down to find it.  If you choose this theme, take advantage of the menu bar and make sure your readers can find any information they may need from there.

Demo of Shine On.

Tried and True.  Adelle .


Many beauty bloggers pick the Adelle theme when they are first starting off, and for good reason.  The design is simple but pretty, it has great widgets and customizable features, and a clean, easy to use layout.  This theme includes a customizable background and header, so you can upload your photos and make it your own.  You can also easily integrate your social media profiles using the customizer.  They appear at the top of the sidebar.

The great look and features of this theme seem to be both a blessing and downfall, because you will end up running into many other blogs that look extremely similar to yours.  This will be even more true if you do not use the custom background or header options.  So if you do use the Adelle theme, make sure you learn how to use all the customizable features and really make it your own.

Demo of Adelle.

Simple and Clean. Blissful Blog.



The Blissful Blog theme provides a simplicity that I think many beauty bloggers are looking for.  It’s dainty and has clean lines, but it isn’t boring.  It allows you to use your own background image but keep a clean white border around your blog posts.  It also has a beautiful feature slider that can be installed above your latest post, as shown above.  This full width slider can feature your favorite posts and is perfect if you have high quality photographs.

This theme does not have as many bells and whistles as the others, but you can still find ways to feature most of the same widgets and information.  It allows for sidebars on single pages and search views, along with room for three widgets in the footer.  The information just won’t be in your readers’ faces as it is many other blogs.

Demo of Blissful Blog.


Do you use any of the themes I discussed here?  How do you take standard templates like these and make them your own?


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