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Glow Guide: Samantha Ravndahl

The internet has done amazing things for bringing together those with similar passions and has allowed make up artists to connect with everyday women like never before.  At any time I am able to head over to youtube and see step by step tutorials  by amazingly talented women in order to learn and grow my own personal beauty knowledge.  I consider these women my glow guides. They have helped me figure out how to find my own confident glow, whether it be from the actual make up I’m wearing or the feeling of finally getting getting my eyebrows to look even.  Check out one of my favorites, Samantha Ravndahl, and some of her best tutorials below.

Samantha Ravndahl is the creator of batalashbeauty, a blog and youtube channel that has quickly rose to fame over the past year.  Samantha has training and experience in all kinds of make up, including special effects, beauty, and fantasy, and has a very unique and entertaining style.  My favorite part of most of her videos is that her reasoning for most of her make up choices is simply because she wants to.  I believe that this is exactly what make up is about.  I wore green eyeliner today because I felt like wearing green eyeliner.  No ulterior motives or grand plans.  I saw the green pencil, it looked super fun, I put it on.  Make up.

Check out some of my favorite tutorials by Samantha below!

You can follow Samantha on instagram and twitter to hear and see more from her!


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4 thoughts on “Glow Guide: Samantha Ravndahl

  1. This is why I don’t feel bad buying funny colors of eye shadow or eye liner…if I like the color, I’m going to feel like using it. So what if it doesn’t exactly “look right” for my skin tone or however you decide these things…I wanted to wear those colors, and darnit I’m gonna!
    We need more people in the world telling others that this is okay – doing things because you want to, and who cares what anyone else thinks about it!

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