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Buxom Lip Polish: Plump it Up?

Lip plumping glosses were all the rage a few years ago, but I hadn’t heard of any legitimate ones in a while until I read about Buxom’s Lip products, most of which contain at least a gentle plumping affect. I saw Sephora was offering the Buxom Full-On Lip Polish as a 100 point reward and I snatched it up right away to find out if it was anything like the tingling (sometimes burning) plumping products I tried as a teen.

Upon receiving this product, I had mixed feelings about it, so check out what I have to say in my full review below.

Plumping Action: 3/10

ABM_1398619496Let’s get right to the point.  I was NOT impressed with the plumping abilities of this product.  The photo above shows virtually no difference in plumpness, and the situation in person is not much better.  I noticed a slight plump of my bottom lip after wearing it for 5-10 minutes, but nothing on my upper lip.

Lip Feel: 6/10

Warning: Tingling will occur.  Some of Buxom’s products claim to be tingle-free.  This is not one of them.  You will notice a strong tingling feeling for the first 10 minutes of wearing this lip gloss, but it will fade.  The tingling on my lips does not bother me, but I tend to somehow get it all over the inside of my mouth and tongue which just isn’t pleasant.  This formula is a bit sticky at first, but fades away as the tingling does.

Longevity: 5/10

Meh. Mediocre.  This product stayed on my lips for a while when unprovoked, but came off easily if I drank, ate, spoke, etc.  And I was resistant to reapply and go through that tingling fiasco again.

Shade: 8/10

The shade I received is Sophia and it’s actually my favorite thing about the product.  It is very close to my natural lip color and goes on quite sheer so it looks very natural when I’m wearing it.

buxom vs nyx butter glossI was also extremely impressed by the size of the deluxe sample that I received.  I choose this as one of my 100 point rewards from Sephora and was amazed at how big it was! (Especially compared to the Benefit The Big Easy sample I also spent 100 points on.)  Above you can see that this sample really isn’t that much smaller than a full size NYX butter gloss.

Overall: 6/10

I am glad I received this product for free instead of paying full price for it in store.  It is a great color and an easy lip gloss to throw on when you’re running out the door and need a lift, but I will not use this everyday.

Some people love plumping glosses and some people hate them.  Which side do you fall on?  Does the tingling get to you?


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14 thoughts on “Buxom Lip Polish: Plump it Up?

    • Thanks! It’s a very strange sensation at first but it slowly fades away. It’s just a pretty normal lip gloss after that though.

  1. I like the Buxom lip polishes, not for the plumping (I don’t mind the tingle), but it makes my lips feel softer if they are super chapped.

    I got the Big Easy sample from Sephora too, it’s so tiny… but I still ended up getting the full size over the weekend lol.

      • It’s great for my oily skin, since it’s liquid to powder. You do have to blend it pretty fast though. Perfect for ‘no makeup’ makeup!

  2. I got a sample of this from sephora as well in a little 500 pt set last december. I’ve used these before and I really like them. I wish the color would last a little longer though. I also love the smell.

    • I forgot to comment on the smell! I do actually like the smell as well. Its very subtle but nice and sweet 🙂

  3. I actually have that lip gloss I believe a friend gave it to me. I like to put it over my regular lip sticks which does help some with the plump effect but like you said not to much!

  4. I was actually excited to try this out so I’m bummed that you didn’t like it! But at the same time I’m glad I didn’t purchase it, hehe. Thanks for the follow as well, love the blog. 🙂

    • I’m also glad I didn’t purchase it. It’s a fine lipgloss to receive for free but I don’t think I would want to pay much more for it. Yours is lovely as well!

  5. I also got that sample!! While I didn’t notice any plumping, it definitely tingled a lot! It wasn’t too sticky either. As a lip gloss, I did really like it. But as a plumper, it didn’t seem to do a very good job!

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