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Ipsy May 2014 Sneak Peek #3

Ipsy Sneak Peek #3Another huge reveal for this May’s ipsy bag was posted this morning with a ton of new products.  I would be pretty satisfied with any of the items, along with the products with the other two sneak peeks, so I can’t wait to receive my bag this month.  I’m loving the variety of products!  Check out what I could find out about the products in the sneak peek above!

Also make sure to check out details for the first two sneak peeks here and here.

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service where you receive a bag full of beauty goodies delivered to your door for $10.00 a month.  Order yours here!

We are currently running a giveaway with products so last months ipsy bag so check it out if you were unhappy with the products you received or loved them enough to want extras!  Click the like button to the right to like us on Facebook for any easy entry!

Ipsy Giveaway


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17 thoughts on “Ipsy May 2014 Sneak Peek #3

  1. Holy moly! I am sitting here *figuratively* crying because I can’t subscribe!! AGHHHHGGHH. This seems like such a great subscription! I can’t wait until I’m finished with college.

    • I would totally gift a subscription if I could! (I just looked it up. They discontinued gifting at the beginning of the year. Lame.) I’m super excited about the potential products this month. Tons of new brands to try out!

      • Oh no, that’s too much! Thank you for saying that though, that is really sweet of you! (Tear jerker sweet!!) I already decided that an ipsy subscription will be the first reward to myself once I start working (that, and a new wardrobe!) — I can’t wait to see your post once you receive it! I will vicariously live through you! haha. I technically could subscribe with birthday/Christmas money, but I save that for future bday/xmas gifts for my lovely boyfriend! He deserves to be spoiled, even if it’s something small. 🙂

      • Believe me, I remember being a poor college student. I’m still a poor recent graduate, but I love to treat myself with little things like this now that a I have a bit of expendable income. It’ll be totally worth it once all the school stuff is done! Is your current semester almost over?

      • Three more weeks!! My stress level is off the charts right now, going from pretty much no school to 15 units has been overwhelming to say the least!

        I actually dropped out for a while, and I could have had a bachelors by the end of this semester. I moved downstate over the summer to focus on school. Everything happens for a reason! I will be applying for my AA next semester and hopefully transferring for spring 2015.

        Todd has been really great though, he surprised me with makeup, and he offers to buy it a lot of the time (I say no of course!). He keeps trying to spoil me when he wants to buy some things for himself. I keep pressuring him to spoil himself every once and a while because he deserves it. (He works part time and goes to school full time!)

      • Well good for you for getting refocused and working so hard. It took me an extra year to get my bachelors because I really struggled figuring out what I was supposed to be doing and who I wanted to be. Good for you for getting back into school though. Not many people actually go back once they leave.

        Good luck with finals and the end of the semester. You seem like you have big plans in place and everything you need to succeed 🙂

      • I am having trouble picking a major! I feel the same as you did; I am really struggling! Thank you, I appreciate the kind words! I am excited for whatever lies ahead!

    • Me too! I always see people complaining on facebook about what they get, but for $10 I am amazed with quality and variety of items I receive every month. And its always fun to receive presents in the mail 🙂

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