FOTD: Can’t Get Enough Coral

I really need to expand my range of colors.  Whenever I’m creating a look and I need a pop of color, coral just seems like such a great option.  In this face of the day, I used the coral, gold, and light and dark brown shades from the LORAC afterGLO palette, and a hint of Half Baked from the Naked 2 palette for some extra sparkle.  I kept the coral focused on the inner corner for a pop of color and used the browns to darken up the crease.


I kept the coral theme going through the rest of my face, with rosy cheeks and my favorite coral lipstick.




Ah hooded eyelids.  You can barely even tell I have color on my eyes.  So frustrating sometimes.  Anyone else struggle with similar eyelid shape issues?

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4 thoughts on “FOTD: Can’t Get Enough Coral

  1. Holler for hooded eyelids. I never thought I had them until I started going through beauty blogs. That’s when I finally realized: Ah. No wonder that gradient socket thingamajig doesn’t work on me, haha.
    I’ve been so entranced with coral lately, it’s gotta be the summer that’s in high swing. It’s just so fresh and a laid back kind of bright. You look amazing! (That lipstick!)

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