Proenza Schouler Collection for MAC

MAC has paired with New York based womenswear designer Proenza Schouler to release a stunning limited edition line for Summer 2014.  The brand was founded in 2002 and has grown to be sold in over 100 of the top retail stores in the country.  For their first foray into the cosmetics world, they have joined forces with MAC to produce a colorful and confident line that could grab anyone’s attention.


The thing that stood out to me about this line, however, was actually the packaging and not the make up at all.  Even after getting halfway through writing this post, I’m not sure if I’ve taken a good look at what shades are actually included in this collection.  The chrome ombre packaging of these products is different than anything I’ve ever seen before and really catches your eye both in person and in print.  The shades, the ombre, and the shine create a beautiful combination.

But are these products really worth it just for some fancy packaging?  After closer inspection, the lip and blush shades look pretty standard, nothing that really jumps out at me.  They’re all beautiful but I’m sure they’re very close to other products many of us already own.

Companies spend a lot of time and money on the boxes and containers many of our favorite products come in.  Do you think its worth it?  Have you ever bought something just for the pretty packaging?

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6 thoughts on “Proenza Schouler Collection for MAC

  1. I’ve definitely never bought something just for packaging. For me, the product has to be good, but I may be a bit of an odd ball since I don’t really care about packaging much anyways. I mean as long as it’s functional hehe

  2. Yep, I bought 2 Lipsticks from this collection mostly for the packaging and secondly for the shades! I can only speak on the 2 I got which were Primrose & Mangrove! Primrose is the first lipstick that I have ever worn out with a bare face! And Mangrove I really figured it may have been close to Lady Danger but it turned out to be a completely different color just similar shade… Either way essentially this packaging caught my attention before the shades! Btw:My review will be posted soon!

  3. The packaging does persuade me to get the product, I did stop by mac and I loved the light pink sheer lipstick they had I might actually go back and get that and some lip liner (if they have a color I like). I did love the packaging normally Mac’s collaboration prices are not expensive.

  4. When I first saw these on my feed, I was so drawn to the packaging. And then I looked closer and the font they used totally turned me off, haha. I’ve never even considered getting anything from here; sure, that peach-orange ombre blush looks nice, but I’m so seriously cynical of that working on my face. Also. That font!

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