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LORAC afterGLO Review

I was so excited when I first laid eyes on the LORAC afterGLO palette and I quickly ordered not just one, but two, of these beautiful looking palettes from Ulta as soon as they were available.  Check out my swatches of all the shades included and then read my review below.


This palette has arrived just in time for summer.  The great range of shades provide you with a ton of colors to play with and mix together to create some super fun summer looks.   The first colors to catch my eye were the blue and green along the left side, and the dark blue really is a magnificent shade.  It is super pigmented and goes a bit tealish when applied heavily.  The green is a bit more sheer and shimmery, but makes for a great transitionary shade when blending with the blue.

Upon seeing pictures of this palette I was extremely excited about the gold because I could wear a good gold eyeshadow everyday, but I was not especially impressed with this particular shade.  It is not very pigmented at all and it looks much more yellow than gold when applied.  It is super shimmery though, so I usually use it to layer over the other colors.

I haven’t actually used the copper or purple shades on my eyes yet but I did play around with them a bit when I was swatching them.  The cooper is beautiful and extremely pigmented and shimmery.  It almost has more gold sparkle in it than the actual gold shade has.  The purple, on the other hand, was a bit disappointing when it comes to pigmentation.  It did not show up very well on my arm and what you see pictured above is after applying many layers.  However, I do like that it is a matte shadow because most of the purple shades I own are super shimmery.

I was quite pleased with the two brown shades and the coral in the right half of the palette.  I will post some pictures this afternoon, but I actually used these three shades together to creative a neutral eye with a pop of color.  The pink is super pigmented and I loved how it layered to look super bright.  The two browns blend really well together and made for a super quick neutral smoky eye with only two shades.

The two shades along the bottom are honestly a little blah for me.  They are supposed to be there to layer the colors over or use for blending, but they are not super useful in my opinion.  They are both pretty shades but could definitely use some more pigmentation in my opinion.

Overall I have been very pleased with this palette and it’s potential uses in the upcoming summer.  Some of the shades are lacking in pigmentation but the colors are beautiful and the price is right on point.

Don’t forget that I have an extra LORAC afterGLO palette just waiting to be sent out to one of you in my upcoming giveaway!  I will announce all of the details once we hit 10,000 views so make sure to keep sharing with your friends and visiting daily to see all the exciting things we have in store 🙂


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