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Must Have Now: Jaclyn Hill Sigma Brush Set

Jaclyn Hill Beauty Expert Box

Everytime I go on Instagram lately it seems like another person I follow has received a beautiful box full of amazing looking Sigma Brushes and other goodies.  Sigma Brushes, founded in 2008, has been one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, thanks to their high quality and long lasting products, which are available to the everyday consumer at a reasonable price.  These brushes are on par with some of the most expensive brushes out there, normally reserved for the professionals, but with sets like the Jaclyn Hill Beauty Expert Box above, anyone can own all the brushes necessary to apply a full face for under $100.

I am particularly excited about this beauty box because Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite beauty experts and I love watching her videos on YouTube.  I just stumbled upon her foundation routine video on pinterest and I think it changed my life.  This beauty box contains seven brushes, hand picked by Jaclyn, that she uses for her everyday makeup application.  She also uses them quite often in her videos, so it would be helpful to be using the actual brushes she is if you’re trying to follow her tutorials and achieve similar results.  This is the second time that this box has been available, after previously selling out quite quickly, so there is a very high demand.  I’m not sure how long it will be available and I’m having a hardcore internal debate on whether to just go for it or not.

This box is available for $90.00, which seems like a big chunk of change at first, but breaks down to less than $13 per brush.  When you compare this to this price of MAC brushes or other high quality brands, this is a steal.  If I was going to buy myself some Sigma Brushes, it would definitely be in a set like this because you get the most bang for your buck.  And from the research I’ve done, the Jaclyn Hill set has the best range of products to cover the basic needs of any make up user.

What are your thoughts on Sigma Brushes?  Have any of you tried any of them or own this particular set?  I need some advice here!

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12 thoughts on “Must Have Now: Jaclyn Hill Sigma Brush Set

  1. I’m really interested in what your readers have to say. Sigma is so huge, despite it supplying synthetic brushes – what makes them so good?

  2. Sigma is a great line of brushes I have an eyeliner brush and a friend of mine ordered several brushes from Sigma. But there is also a line of brushes that multiple professional make up artists are using and are posting about it. I just found out and wrote about it on my blog. brushes are as low as $2!! called Morphe

  3. I have yet to invest in any Sigma brushes but I’ve generally heard good if not great things about them. Be sure to do a review of this set if you make the purchase!

  4. I am with you on that debate. It is a good deal, when you look at the big picture. But still $90 is $90 and without being able to see them first it is hard to spend that amount. If you end up getting them PLEASE let us know how they are. Thank you for linking up to Monday Morning MakeUp Madness. I hope that you will link up again.

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