Mini Revlon Haul from Ulta 40% off Sale!

Revlon haul

Remember my post on Monday about Ulta’s 40% sale on drugstore brands? Well I finally had a day off today so I headed over there to check it out and pick up some of my favorite Revlon products.  I grabbed my current shade of foundation, plus one shade darker for the summer, and a few spur of the moment picks.  I’ve been interested in experimenting with liquid and gel liners, so I picked out two versions by Revlon, as well as few fun lipstick shades.

Have you taken advantage of this great sale at Ulta?  What did you pick up? If you haven’t heard about the sale and want more information on brands included, check out my post here 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Mini Revlon Haul from Ulta 40% off Sale!

  1. How awesome! Did you by chance use the $1 off Revlon coupon off I’ve been trying to get in the habit of using coupons too, feels weird for now, I feel super cheap. Hahaha.

    • I love coupons! Never feel cheap about getting a good deal lol. I usually use all the coupons but today I had $10 off anything for my birthday and I got so excited about that, I forgot to do research for any other ones. Now that you’ve mentioned it though, I might go back this weekend and try and use the $1 off Revlon coupons with the $3.50 off a $10 Ulta purchase. Sounds complicated but if you work it out right, you can get some amazing deals 🙂

  2. Love Revlon. Favorite lipstick is their fire and ice colorstay matte. Do you like their foundation? I haven’t tried it yet. Is it pretty full coverage? If ulta is having a Revlon sale I better head over there after work!!

    • Yes I love their foundation. It covers super nicely and they have a great range of shades. I also enjoy that they have formulas for both oily and dry skin. I apply with a stippling brush or real techniques sponge and it always goes on super smoothly. Definitely my favorite of the various drugstore brands I’ve tried. Plus its only around $7 with this sale! (Obviously I bought two :))

    • Thanks for the heads up! With the 40% off sale I’m definitely in an experimenting mood and looking to try out some new products 🙂

  3. I already have so many Revlon products but I did finally pick up the ColorBurst Matte Balm in Audacious that I’d been eyeing for a while–last one on the rack! And I’ve been interested in trying BB creams so I picked up one of the Photo Ready ones. Other stuff was Maybelline plus RT’s new beauty sponge which of course wasn’t part of the sale but I’ve heard so much good stuff about it.

    • Love the RT beauty sponge. The flat edge comes in super handy. I don’t know why the other sponges don’t include something like that. Sounds like you got some great deals!

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