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Part 2: #30daysofbeauty

As you might remember from part 1, I have been participating in the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge on instagram.  These are the next five days of photos, and a bit of detail on each.  Check out these photos and others like them on my instagram.  Also, let me know if you’re participating in the 30 Days of Beauty Challenge as well so I can check out some of your pictures 🙂

BrushesDay 6: Brushes

I posted this photo the same day that I did my Super Simple How To: Brush Cleaning post last week. (It all worked out quite nicely.)  I don’t have much to say about this photo because most of you have seen it before, but if you haven’t and want to check out what all those beautiful brushes look like when they’re clean, make sure to check out the post here 🙂


Day 7: Skincare

Cetaphil are my absolute favorite products for everyday use.  The cleanser removes all of my make up but doesn’t dry out my skin.  It’s also fragrance free and never irritates my sensitive skin.  I put the lotion on before bed and when I wake up in the morning, my face is smooth and moisturized, ready for whatever I decide to put on it that day.  I use AcneFree every couple of days to keep breakouts in check, or more often if things get rough.  It’s what I’ve been using since I was a teenager and it’s the only thing I’ve been able to find that can knock out my acne but doesn’t irritate or burn my skin.

Holy Grail ItemsDay 8: Holy Grail Items

These items are the ones that I use whether I’m putting on a full face of make up or just running out to the grocery store.  I swear by Smashbox primer and my foundation would never look the same without it.  The other three products are my bare minimum necessities (brows, lashes, conceal), and ones that I love to use when mixing with others.  Products pictured above are Anastasia Brow Wiz, Benefit They’re Real mascara, NYX HD Concealer, and Smashbox Primer.

Make Up Storage

Day 9: Make Up Storage

I recently moved so I was able to set up my whole make up area and storage from scratch.  I love my Ikea drawer unit and it houses most of my make up along with other girly things like hair and skin products, jewelry, and accessories.  I also love to store things out in the open so I keep my everyday essentials, brushes and a few other items up on top of my vanity.


Day 10: Foundation

Mmm instagram filters.  Sorry about that one. I use Revlon Colorstay foundation everyday and apply it using my beautiful Real Techniques stippling brush.  I love using this brush because it makes my foundation look super smooth and covers well, without looking caked on.  I was thinking about doing a how-to on stippling sometime this week, so look for that in the next couple of days if you’re interested in learning more about this technique.

Follow me on instagram to check out the rest of my #30daysofbeauty challenge photos and let me know if you’re participating as well!


7 thoughts on “Part 2: #30daysofbeauty

  1. I love your “holy grail” items!!! Smashbox primer is BY FAR the best high end primer out there. No question. If you do a post on stippling I would love to see it. I have been on the fence about getting a stippling brush. Right now I stipple on my foundation with just a traditional foundation brush then blend it in. Thank you for linking with Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.

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