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LORAC afterGLO: One for Me and One for You!

lorac afterglo palette


Remember when I posted about the new LORAC afterGLO palette last week?  It’s now available at Ulta so obviously I had to order one, but while I was at it, I also ordered one that could soon be yours! 🙂

lorac afterglo order summary

I am planning a giveaway to celebrate whenever Seeking Subtle Glow reaches 10,000 views and I thought this palette would be a great thing to include.  Make sure to keep checking back in the next couple weeks and sharing with your friends to find out when we reach this milestone.  Brands included in the giveaway will be LORAC, Urban Decay, and NYX.

And as always, thank you to all of our followers and anyone who reads this blog.


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14 thoughts on “LORAC afterGLO: One for Me and One for You!

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  3. Hey! You followed my old blog yesterday and I was wondering if you could follow my revised one. its ‘’ it would be so awesome if you could!! You’re blog is wonderful! x

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