My Natural Skin Care Program

I’ve been super interested in trying to make a few of my own natural beauty products, so I’m glad I stumbled upon this great post by Miles of Ordinary. Check out her amazing homemade products made from pantry shelf items. I will definitely be grabbing my jar of coconut oil from the kitchen before removing my make up tonight 🙂 Thanks Meg!

Miles from Ordinary

The other day I posted about my new skin care “program” that I have started using and had a few requests to share what I am doing. It’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve ditched commercial products and have started making my own. So far so good!

Quick little disclaimer should anyone try any of the following…..everyone’s skin is different and reacts to things in their own way. What I have works for me and I have no idea whether it will work for you. When I started, I made tiny batches of everything until I found what works best for me so I’d suggest you do the same.

Ok? Ok.

Moving on….

I tend to have really weird skin. One day it’ll be uber dry and the next super oily. I also have eczema and psoriasis (aren’t you glad to know that!) so I’ve also had to…

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