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NEW Lorac afterGLO Palette!


*UPDATE* If you want to know more about this product you can also check out my swatches, full review, and first looks!  And check out this post about our current giveaway featuring this palette as well as products from Urban Decay and NYX!

This might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  That glorious palette above is the new LORAC afterGLO palette, available for only $24.00 at Ulta.  It includes eight matte and shimmer eye shadows, as well as two neutral shades perfecting for blending and layering to create an endless variety of colorful and vibrant looks.  This palette has arrived just in time for summer and just in time for my personal search for a larger range of eyeshadow shades.

If this palette lives up to the standards of the LORAC Pro Palette, then I am definitely sold.  I would love to get my hands on the colors above if they have the same pigmentation and blendability that is found in the colors of the Pro Palette.  I’m sure they would also compliment each other beautifully.  I’ve been looking for a brighter purple shade to wear with the Dark Purple of the Pro Palette, and I think the one in this palette would look fantastic with it.  Find my review on the LORAC Pro Palette and view photos of it here.

This palette seems to only be available at Ulta right now, although there is a similar palette called summerGLO available at Kohls and on the LORAC website.



9 thoughts on “NEW Lorac afterGLO Palette!

    • Definitely. The shades look a bit softer and more appropriate for everyday use. I don’t know what everyone else does but I can’t really get away with neons at my job. These shades look a bit more versatile though 🙂

      • It’s not even about work, I have plenty of work appropriate makeup. I have no idea where I’d even wear those shades after hours! Plus the staining from the shadow might create a problem for work in the AM :).

      • Oh for sure. The warnings on some of the shadows makes me a bit nervous too. I also appreciate the $24.00 price tag, as compared to the $49.00 electric palette. I’m always down for a good deal!

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