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March Favorites: NYX, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills

March Favorites


The month of March was spent trying to persuade myself not to buy any make up until April, since it’s my birthday month and double points will be abound.  I still managed purchase some fantastic products though, during forbidden trips to Ulta and detours to the Target cosmetics section while shopping for new apartment swag.  Check out some of my favorites below.


First up is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Brow Pencil.  This miracle device has saved my brows, or lack thereof.  My brows are virtually nonexistent in most places and patchy where they do manage to grow.  This brow pencil glides on easily and mimics the look of actual brow hairs.  The spoolie brush on the opposite end then brushes the product into the existing hairs to even it all off.  And all of a sudden you have perfect looking eyebrows that look like they grew on there by themselves.  The range of colors is fantastic, and the ash brown is the only eyebrow product I’ve been able to find that doesn’t have the auburn tones most brown pencils do.  It matches my hair and makes my eyebrows stand out well with its grayish tones against my pale rosy skin.


My second favorite purchase this month were the NYX Butter Glosses, in Eclair, Cherry Pie, and Apple Strudel.  These glosses feel smooth and delicious on your lips, and don’t leave a funky taste in your mouth.  They don’t seem to get dry or tacky throughout the day, and I don’t find myself having to reapply that often.  I love how easily these glosses are to apply as I run out the door, and the range of colors is beautiful.  I can’t wait to buy more soon!


I just can’t seem to get enough of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  I’ve been raving about it all month, but that is only because it really has become my go to, everyday primer.  This oil free primer glides over my skin like butter and makes it feel silky smooth.  My skin used to get dry and flaky when I put foundation on, but this makes it apply evenly and smoothly every time.  Ulta has this product on sale for half off Saturday 4/5 and you can bet I will be at my local Ulta bright and early to snag my self a tube or two.

Join me tomorrow for my April Wishlist.  It’s my birthday month so it should be a good one, haul wise.  I have some purchases planned to take advantage of my double points at Ulta, and I know the boyfriend has a thing or two up his sleeve.  So stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “March Favorites: NYX, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills

  1. I’ve been dreaming of NYX Butter Glosses for some time.. too bad it’s always sold out in my area 😦 my sis-in-law bought one some time ago, she’s the one who persuaded me into liking these sweet temptations..

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