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henryface Favorites: Lorac Pro Palette


To kick things off, I’m planning a series of reviews on all of my favorite products, starting with the current love of my live, the Lorac Pro Palette. (Don’t tell my boyfriend or cats that I said that.)  The Pro Palette was my first real palette and I did a lot of research before choosing one.  I was looking for something that had a good range of colors for me to begin experimenting with, provided a good amount of pigmentation, and was cost effective, since I knew I would most likely be spending a lot more on make up once the ball started rolling. And oh, was I right.


The Pro Palette has a beautifully sleek and minimalistic outside, which allows you see the true intensity of the shadows inside.  The palette contains sixteen shadows, eight mattes and eight shimmers.  Having this mixture of matte and shimmer shadows is one of the things that drew me to this palette.  You have a full range of colors in both finishes, from a stark white matte and shimmery nude, to a true matte black and deep purple shimmer.  The shadows are incredibly pigmented and go on your eye as the exact same color you see in the palette.  They blend and layer easily together, and each color compliments the other fifteen colors beautifully.  The combination of looks using these colors are endless.

I love to use this palette pretty much everyday.  I use one of the matte colors as a base for my looks everyday because it provides a clean base to work on and keeps any other eyeshadows I layer over it in place.  Because I am so pale, I also love to use the white shadow as a high lighter occasionally.  It is difficult to find a light enough powder highlighter for my skin, but this true white blends and brightens beautifully.

The shimmer shadows provide your eyes with a bit of twinkle, but don’t cover your eyelid in glitter.  I love to wear the nude or champagne alone when I’m doing ‘no makeup’ makeup, and the gold, light bronze, and pewter are my go to colors when I’m creating a metallic look.  I was originally a bit apprehensive about the garnet because I’m not used to putting red on my eyes, but I love how it looks with the gold, browns, and black.  You can really make some striking but still natural looking creations with this range of colors.

The Lorac Pro Palette sells for $42, which is in the average range of prices for higher end palettes, and a good value for the quality of product, in my opinion.  You can find it online from many retailers or in-store at Ulta or Kohls.


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