Thank you for visiting my new blog!  While it is still in it’s humble beginnings, I am so excited about the future currently planned for it.

My love and knowledge of make up and beauty has recently grown to a point where I feel that I can help others that were in a similar position to me just a few months ago.  So much beauty advice out there tells you how to look fierce and hot for a big night out, but sometimes you just want to feel good about your skin and face for a normal day at work and home.  I love taking inspiration from those talented and over the top make up artists and beauty bloggers, and making them more easy to understand for the everyday girl.

My hope is for readers to be able to visit my blog for tips on how to practice and perfect make up basics such as eyebrows, winged liners, and the perfect red lip, get reviews on both drug store and high end products they’re interested in, and gain inspiration to create their own beautiful face creations for everyday use.

Please feel free to contact me by email at henryfacebeauty@gmail.com or on any of my social networking sites listed under the (♥) icon at the top of the page with any questions or inquiries.


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